Industrial Sewing Machines

As a consequence of pursuing both quality and performance, an industrial sewing machine model has a single purpose. For example, there is a model to sew straight seams. Likewise, there is a model for sewing zigzag stitches, and a model for sewing buttons on garments, etc.

Industrial machines have an edge over domestic machines as they are really built to last for a long time. Some industrial machines operate at a rate of 10000 rounds per minute, a feat barely achievable even by the fastest cars on this world! Since these machines are single purpose, its aim is to make its user very very productive and the mechanics of the machine are simple, but with high performance. These machines require very little maintenance so your sewing business can operate with minimal interruptions.

Industrial machines work on a much bigger scale, often working with thicker, heavy duty materials repetitively throughout the day in an industrial environment. People who own an industrial machine will be focusing on sewing a few specific things which require a more powerful, durable machine.

If you require a machine that can handle a lot of work which you will be completing throughout the day, an industrial machine is probably what you are looking for. We carry Techsew, Juki and Reliable industrial sewing machines. Check out our product portfolio on our website or come to our store! We are always glad to help.