Ottawa Sewing Centre is an Approved Warranty Facility for Singer, Brother and Juki Sewing Machines. We also, have qualified technicians that will repair all makes and models of machines. We can pick-up and deliver your sewing machine right to your front door, and make old machines run like new! We can even sharpen scissors. Our 4-step tune up and warranty service includes the following;

Step 1: Clean, Oil and Lubricate

1.     De-lint inside and clean outside of machine

2.     Oil all applicable parts

3.     Lubricate all necessary gears and pulleys

4.     Remove and clean tension assembly

Step 2: Check Electrical

1.     Check Light Bulb and any pattern indicator lights

2.     Check and adjust foot control range

3.     Check power cords and wiring for wear

4.     Check motor and motor belt operation

Step 3: Check sewing and feeding mechanisms

1.     Check and adjust needle bar and hook timing

2.     Check and adjust pendulum timing

3.     Check and adjust Feed dog and stitch length

4.     Check and adjust Stitch width

5.     Check and adjust bobbin case clearances

Step 4: Sewing Test

1.     Check bobbin winder and b/w stop

2.     Check and adjust top tension

3.     Check and adjust bobbin tension

4.     Check and adjust stretch stitches

5.     Check and adjust buttonhole balance